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More than lift components!

Good products are not only characterized by excellent quality and longevity, but also by the fact to which extent they meet the requirements in practice.

With our many years of experience we have developed a product portfolio that is as diverse as the requirements of our customers. Flexibility in production as well as a range of services tailored to the needs of our customers round off our services. We are happy to advise you personally for your individual requirements.


Door interlocks

The door interlocks offered by KRONENBERG are used to monitor swing doors and sliding doors and are installed worldwide. They are type-approved according to the European norm EN81.
The range of door interlocks comprises nine basic type and offers with additional components around a million different variation possiblities.

Retiring cams

Retiring cams are needed for the actuation of door interlocks. The product range includes silent motorized retiring cams as well as electromagnetic retiring cams. The retiring cams are available in different designs and for different mounting positions. Levels of protection up to IP67 and explosion-protected versions are available.


KRONENBERG GmbH has become one of the leading suppliers of switches in the lift industry due to the quality and innovation of the products. KRONENBERG contacts are silver-plated and self-cleaning. High specific forces ensure a reliable contact making. All plastics in the contact area are of self-extinguishing quality.

Operating panels

The market of operating panels is characterised above all by a high degree of individuality. We can offer a wide range of different operating panels, pushbuttons and materials. In addition to standard operating panels in timeless attractive design, our particular strenghs are custom-made products adapted to the respective building.

Info displays

To display floor position, status messages or entertainment systems KRONENBERG has developed a comprehensive delivery program. We offer various displays, from dot matrix displays and TFT displays in different versions to internet based information systems.

Car lighting

KRONENBERG now also offers LED systems for car lighting. You can choose between three basic types which you can define according to your application.
Light color, dimmability and an optional emergency light function can be specified individually.


In the service area of our homepage you will find informative video instructions on our products, answers to the most frequently asked questions and interesting facts on our returns management.
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We see a high safety risk when electrical contacts have to be bridged during on-site activities. We have thought about this and have developed the electrical contact bridge EKB. On request we offer the EKB customized with your logo. Get more information

According to EN81-28 we have developed the pictogram NPV1 to clearly signal the remote emergency call. The symbol “emergency call activated” is realized as yellow bell and the symbol “speech connection established” as a face with green illumination. The pictrogram is characterized amongst others by a permanent restistance and an increased protection against vandalism and […]

Since March 2020 Mr. Wjatscheslaw Stroh has been supporting our sales team with his expertise as a mechanical engineer.


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Our product catalogues and brochures are available in the download area. Please find technical documentation, mounting instructions, current certificates as well as tender texts product-related in the download area of the respective products.

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